MRC is a progressive firm that has vast knowledge and experience in federal entitlement programs and school based health services. The federal Medicaid program allows school districts to submit a claim for reimbursement for a variety of school health and related services provided to Medicaid eligible Special Education students. Every day, across the nation, dedicated school staffs and health professionals provide related services to children with special needs. By focusing our energies on our clients we are able to help school systems access revenue easily and efficiently.

With the streamlining of the federal program and with the experience and knowledge that is offered by MRC Consulting staff members, this program has become a significant financial resource for school systems across the country.

 Personnel Background

MRC Consulting has a strong background in education, Special Education, and government. With over 30 years experience in dealing with educational issues, MRC is prepared to help your staff in all aspects of the Medicaid claiming process. MRC Consulting's background in governmental service insures close monitoring of any changes in the Medicaid program. With this experience, school systems can be assured of being in compliance with the state and federal regulations.

Over the years, MRC Consulting has developed sophisticated, state of the art software systems to facilitate the Medicaid claiming process. Each generation of these systems has been provided to our clients as share-ware at no cost.

In an effort to provide the most efficient, comprehensive service available, MRC Consulting has developed a web-based program that allows a client to access information and submit all dates over a secured, encrypted system.

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