At MRC Consulting, the main objective is to minimize the workload at the LEA and, at the same time, comply with all the applicable state and federal regulations related to Medicaid Direct and Administrative services claiming.


MRC Consulting continually focuses on assisting school systems to retrieve federal matching funds for children with disabilities. MRC Consulting will identify the Medicaid eligible students in your school system and provide on-site training for school staff. MRC will identify the reimbursable activities your staff performs for students to provide appropriate health and preventative services, track those activities, prepare and submit claims, and maximize your revenue in a timely and efficient manner. Our program eliminates staff concerns related to the details and headaches of the claiming process. Technical assistance provided by highly skilled support staff is available online or by telephone.

MRC consulting's software and web-based system is designed to eliminate confusion and reduce staff time involved in the Medicaid reimbursement claiming process.

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