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MRC Consulting provides a variety of services to systems and Special Education Cooperatives to assist in Medicaid reimbursement claiming programs. Federal law mandates that every child with a disability in America receives a "free, appropriate public education". Decisions by the United States Supreme Court and other changes to federal law make it clear that Medicaid must pay for services provided for all Medicaid eligible children with disabilities.

MRC has developed procedures and methodologies with the use of sophisticated software systems that allow school systems like yours to implement the revenue recovery system very efficiently and with minimal disturbance to staff members and the services provided daily.

As the revenue recovery system is implemented into your school system, MRC staff members continue to have close personal contact with clinicians, school employees, and school administrators so that there is a high level of communication. With our superior level of customer service, our clients can be assured of support when needed.

 Claimable Services

Administrative Outreach Services

Audiological Services/Hearing Services

Counseling Services

Nursing Services

Occupational Services

Physical Therapy

Physician Services

Psychiatric Services

Psychological Services

Social Work Services

Speech/Language Services

Transportation Services

Vision Services

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